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    Tapasya Health & Wellness

    Tapasya Is The One Destination For Those Who Seek To Heal, Pursue Fitness, And Learn About Cardinal Values Of Health… Read More

    Elephant Pass Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat-Travocure

    Elephant Pass Ayurveda and yoga retreat is a privately owned Ayurveda resort in Kochi, Kerala mainly concentrating traditional Ayurveda &… Read More

    The lifeco wellbeing, bodrum, Turkey-Travocure
    • 7 Days
    • Detox, Yoga, Fitness, Anti Ageing, Aromatherapy

    TheLifeCo Bodrum is a unique destination for healing, detoxification and juice detox and wellness retreat in Europe. Read More

    Golden Door-USA-Travocure

    Experience the luxury of 80 rejuvenating classes for your mind and body. 30 miles of private hiking trails, personal training,… Read More

    Kairali Ayurvedic Centre-Travocure

    Suitable For: Arthritic related problem | Musculoskeletal problems | Back pain | Circulation | Sinus related problems. Read More

    Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala, India

    Ayurveda offers extensive therapies and remedies for the young, old, sick, healthy, and everyone in between. Ayurveda encourages certain lifestyle… Read More