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    Chenot Palace Weggis-Travocure

    An experience of true wellness value. Indulge in the elegance and charm of our tearoom, the tranquillity of the Japanese… Read More

    SOUKYA, Bengaluru, Karnataka -Travocure
    • 1 days
    • Panchakarma Treatment, Integrated Shakthi – Rejuvenation, Integrated Shareera – Weight Loss

    This healing sanctuary offers an integrative treatment approach to include Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy and other Complementary Therapies. Read More

    The lifeco wellbeing, bodrum, Turkey-Travocure
    • 7 Days
    • Detox, Yoga, Fitness, Anti Ageing, Aromatherapy

    TheLifeCo Bodrum is a unique destination for healing, detoxification and juice detox and wellness retreat in Europe. Read More

    • 3,7,14,21
    • Sleep Enhancement, Detox, Yoga, Fitness

    Kamalaya offers holistic health solutions to the anxiety, stress and numerous other challenges posed by the ever-changing world around us Read More

    Golden Door-USA-Travocure

    Experience the luxury of 80 rejuvenating classes for your mind and body. 30 miles of private hiking trails, personal training,… Read More

    Six Senses Douro Valley-Travocure

    Come on a journey with us: the latest offers, wellness initiatives and inspiring community projects. Read More

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