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What is Bone Cancer?

Introduction to bone cancer:

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Although bone cancer can start in any bone in the body, the pelvis or the long bones in the arms and legs are the most frequently affected. Less than 1% of all malignancies are bone cancers, making them extremely uncommon. In actuality, benign bone tumors are significantly more prevalent than malignant ones.

Cancers that start elsewhere in the body and “metastasize” (spread) to the bone are not considered to be “bone cancer.” Instead, those tumors are given their original starting points as names, such as bone metastasizing breast cancer.

While certain kinds of bone cancer usually affect adults, others mostly affect youngsters. The most frequent form of treatment is surgical removal, but chemotherapy and radiation therapy are other options. The type of bone cancer being treated determines whether surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment should be used.

As for Bones:

cancer in the bone - bone cancer

Your body’s structure is made of bone. Compact (cortical) bone makes up the dense, outer layer of bones, which covers the softer, interior trabecular bone. The fibrous tissue known as periosteum covers the outside of the bone.

The soft, spongy substance known as bone marrow is located inside certain bones in an area called the medullary cavity. Endosteum is the name of the tissue bordering the medullary cavity.

Most bones begin life as cartilage, a softer, more malleable kind of tissue. Then, for the formation of bone, cells in the body deposit calcium into the cartilage. To serve as a cushion between bones after bone formation, cartilage may still be present at the extremities of the bone. A joint is created by joining the bones together with cartilage, ligaments, and other tissues. Adults often only have cartilage at the ends of a few bones that make up a joint.

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Bone itself contains 2 kinds of cells:

  • Osteoblasts are cells that lay down new bone.
  • Osteoclasts are cells that dissolve old bone.

Bone frequently appears to alter little but is actually quite active. Old bone dissolves while new bone is constantly growing. By doing this, the bones are kept strong.

Some bones’ marrow consists solely of fatty tissue. It includes blood-forming cells, much like other bones do. These cells produce new white blood cells, blood platelets, and red blood cells. The bone marrow contains more cells as well, including fibroblasts and plasma cells.

Any of these bone cells can develop into cancer.

Types of bone cancer:

bone cancer

There are a few common types of benign bone tumors:

  • Osteochondroma is the most common. It often happens in people under age 20.
  • Giant cell tumor is usually in your leg. In rare cases, these can also be cancerous.
  • Osteoid osteoma often happens in long bones, usually in your early 20s.
  • Osteoblastoma is a rare tumor that grows in your spine and long bones, mostly in young adults.
  • Enchondroma usually appears in the bones of your hands and feet. It often has no symptoms. It’s the most common type of hand tumor.

When to see a doctor for bone cancer?

You should schedule a visit with your doctor if you or your kid experiences bone pain that:

  • Comes in cycles, or comes and goes
  • Worsens more at night
  • Over-the-counter analgesics do not alleviate

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