Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

Yearning to keep well in all respects physically, mentally, spiritually and socially is a dynamic process. It is something more than a mere absence of illness. It is a perfect state of mind-body harmony. Daily grind erodes our wellbeing from which we need a wellness break.  The choice is yours. The realm of wellness retreat is evolving and so is the related travel.

The Global Wellness Institute states the wellness tourism market is projected to reach $919 billion by 2022. While millennials are desperately seeking stress relief, improved sleep, transformational experience and fitness breaks, the baby boomers are inclined towards anti-aging and mind-body rejuvenation procedures.

With shifting customer preferences, retreats are always few steps ahead in product and service innovations. But it is the personalization that all look for. Let us watch some of the interesting wellness trends impacting modern travel.

Specialized Meditation retreats

Meditation is integral in wellness retreats but it has evolved beyond the generic type. People are getting more insights on core meditation types and their impact on the brain. It can be focused attention meditation, mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, sophrology, Kundalini yoga, mindful spa and others.

Notable Wellness Retreats – Four Seasons Chiang Mai in Thailand, Bali Eco Stay, Mii Amo and Sedona, Arizona

Functional nutrition retreats

One man’s food can be the other man’s poison. Food and nutrition is the mainstay of wellness programs but not the way you think. Do you know information of nutrition requirement is coded in your genes? It could be beyond the popular Paleo, keto, vegan or dairy-free or gluten-free diets. Retreats are now offering comprehensive genetic testing programs in nutrition planning along with yoga, meditation and vegan cooking classes.

Notable Wellness Retreats:  BodyHoliday BodyScience, Five Elements Ubud Bali, Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel

Wellness sabbatical

A groundbreaking wellness retreat extending for more than 2-3 weeks  if you are looking for long-lasting wellness impact. Normally, in all wellness retreats, complete digital disconnection is the norm. But staying off the grid for so long? How to take care of job commitments? Worry not! You are welcomed in the wellness retreat with your laptop, ipad and phones. The key is to maintain a healthy work-life balance where the emphasis is on wellness.  A few working hours and rest of the day in pursuit of wellness sums up your wellness sabbatical.

Notable wellness retreats- Kamalaya’s Wellbeing Sabbatical in Koh Samui, Thailand, SHA Wellness Life Reset

Sleep performance retreats

A $432 billion sleep industry exists but still, we are not sleeping well. 35% of Brits are suffering from long standing sleep disorders. Generic sleep solutions are not helping. Excessive stress, tension and worry causing a shift in the natural circadian rhythm lead to sleep disorders. We tend to ignore this fact. Curated sleep performance retreats offer you the right balance of food, rest, relaxation and physical activities with regular tracking of quality sleep performance.

Notable wellness retreats –Six Senses Douro Valley, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, Kamalaya in Thailand, Shanti Maurice Shanti Sleep

Nature immersion gateways

Doctors are prescribing nature for good health. Nature immersion gateways are among the top preferences of wellness travelers. Staying immersed in nature significantly reduces your stress and anxiety. As you smell phytoncides (released by foliages) and take in fresh oxygen, your stress levels fall drastically. Other activities may include strolling, forest bathing, hiking, trekking, etc.

Notable Wellness Retreats- Pravassa Cambodia, Euphoria Retreat, Greece, Karkloof in South Africa

Musical Healing

Every indigenous culture has a tradition of healing with sound and music. Music is not only meant for short-term stress relief and entertainment. It also helps in raising our spiritual energy. Sound vibrations of Tibetan Healing Bowls have the power to stimulate our brain and nervous system and set them in harmony.  Take a break from the daily hubbub and opt for sound and music healing in wellness retreats.

Notable Wellness Retreats- Chiva Som Natural Renewal Hua in Thailand, Joshua Tree California

Mental retreats for men

If women solo retreats snatched the spotlight in the last few years, now it is the mental retreats for men.  Modern men are not in the best of their mental health. 12.5% of adult men in the UK have some mental disorders.  1 out of 8 men will suffer from depression and 1 out of 5 will feel anxiety some time in their lives. Past few years, wellness bookings from men aged 45-70 years have increased sharply. Wellness retreats are designing men-specific programs like anti-aging treatments, meditation and yoga, personalized nutrition, medical spa and adrenaline-boosting wellness activities enabling them to reconnect with self through sustainable lifestyle changes.

Notable Wellness Retreats –SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain, Absolute Sanctuary Men’s vitality, Ananda in the Himalayas, India

Digital detox

Noise is the biggest disrupter  of mental harmony, not the usual sound pollution but the seemingly harmless digital noise. Don’t we feel our mind is overloaded with non-stop digital notifications be it from social media or work-related? Prolonged digital distraction overworks our minds. At times, you need to disconnect to reconnect. Digital detox programs are big hits in wellness retreats where you will be off the grid for a few days, no WIFI no smartphone or any digital device. Just be with yourself and nature.

Notable retreats- Shreyas Silent Retreat Bangalore, India, Digital Detox Asia, Khao Thailand, Pine Cliffs Digital Detox Portugal, Turtle Island Fiji

Why book with us?

Unlike others, Travocure creates exceptional wellness experiences factoring in all your needs and wants. Over years, we have built a strong network of reputed wellness resorts and experts to support your wellness requirements with bespoke packages in choicest locations. We have exclusive packages in special locations which are not available in mass booking websites.

Our team puts best efforts to discover exotic locations with outstanding wellness facilities where you can savor your wellness vacation to your heart’s content. Every activity starting from welcome rituals and those included in the program will help you rediscover yourself in a new land new ambience.

Our services initiating from planning your wellness program to successful execution will not make you sweat on any stuff. We gift you a great experience beyond the conventional list of things to see and do. You get personalised service right from pre-departure planning to reaching the destination. Our strong coordination with the resort management will ensure you full satisfaction in all the activities allowing to discover different dimensions of wellness travel.

Our neatly programmed trip packages are free from all pitfalls. As a result, we ensure you have an enjoyable wellness vacation. On request, we can arrange for special personal wellness experts to travel with you or your group who will help you explore different layers of wellness in every step of your journey.

Synopsis of our offerings:

  • Handpicked destinations
  • Exhaustive list of programs
  • Professional wellness advice
  • Outstanding bespoke service
  • Best price
  • Special complimentary offers
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
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