Weight management in Wellness Retreats

Dropping pounds could be a real pain. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that wellness travellers would look for unique less stressful ways of weight management in wellness retreats. It is one of the most sought after programs that keep the wellness business of resorts running. Immersed in lush nature and absolute tranquillity, losing weight no longer seems to be painful. With professionals and experts there to show you the way, things become easier and a lot more enjoyable, not a run of the mill approach.

Weight management resorts see appreciable round-the-year booking. The indication is clear, global population is suffering from overweight conditions and related diseases. The elixir of wellness is drying up. Even those leading a healthy lifestyle prefer weight management holidays in resorts where planned nutrition, physical activities, yoga, meditation, detox sessions, etc help in achieving respective wellness and fitness goals.

How weight management retreats help?

The retreats take a multi-faceted weight management approach emphasizing teaching new lifestyle habits through proper education and empowerment to make it long lasting. For a weight management program to be successful, you need to build awareness, self-control, and motivation and adopt healthy practices.

Programs are tailor-made based on age, sex, lifestyle, existing health conditions and challenges, and personal goals ensuring the best results. Weight loss management retreats are mostly 14-21 day programs. Anything less than this is not that effective. Habit formation takes time. It is possible to shed 7-8 pounds or 10-12 pounds with real fat loss, proper muscle build up and increased metabolism.

Typically, weight management programs of wellness retreats are likely to have the following features:

  • Expert consultation to assess the health condition
  • Customized low calorie balanced nutrition based on BMI and other scientific indices
  • Time tested traditional weight loss treatments to facilitate fat loss
  • Sessions of meditation, yoga and breathing practices
  • High or moderate-intensity activities like brisk walking, gym work outs, swimming, dancing, hiking, trekking etc.
  • Body cleansing programs
  • Psychological counselling

Weight management retreat – Is it worth?

Let us put it in this way. Why weight management strategies at home mostly do not yield? The reasons are multifarious common of them being lack of commitment, succumbing to hectic unhealthy lifestyle and most importantly lack of proper knowledge. Many of us do not know what our body needs. People just go for a trial and error mode of weight management and land up nowhere. Wellness retreats are helping people by making them understand their needs and do whatever it needs accordingly.

Benefits of weight management retreats

If you are still in the fence-sitting mode, it is time to have a clear understanding of the benefits of weight management retreats.

You enjoy a great time

Imagine the traditional weight loss regime that you often follow. Rigorous exercises, bland food, forgoing all delicacies, fed up of calorie counting, pains not worth the gain (if you at all can manage any). In weight loss retreats, all activities seem to be great fun. The objectives of the retreats are to make you believe that it is possible to be in the right shape while enjoying the activities. Moreover, team-oriented activities keep the spirit upbeat.

You are guided by experts

Retreats hire professional (licensed) trainers, chefs, nutritionists and other associated staff with a proven track record. They are assigned the task to craft tailor-made packages keeping your wellness requirements in mind. It is not the one-size-fits-for-all approach. They will work with you in educating you about your physical and mental wellness and help in reaching your weight-loss objectives. You will be put under a controlled environment with enough ingredients of wellness protecting you from unhealthy distractions and temptations. You will not feel that you are missing something.

Whole hearted dedication

In a retreat, you can dedicate yourself completely to the cause which often gets disrupted at home. You get enough time to look after your health and wellness needs through regular exercises, good food and adequate rest. This excitement of achieving the target keeps you motivated that is likely to persist even after leaving the resort.

You learn the basics of nutrition

With all junk foods available at a single touch, shedding fat has never been tougher. Wellness retreats save you from harmful temptations. It is not that you will have to settle for unappealing dishes but will have healthier choices to satiate your soul and stomach. You are taught the basics of nutrition and how healthy meals can be tasty and enjoyable too! Cooking classes are simply great!

A break that gets you on track

People struggle in weight management because unknowingly they slip into unhealthy routines. Regular ordering online food, lazing, spending hours in fast food joints, social drinking, etc. takes you miles away from your health goals. A few days in the wellness retreat resets your fitness button. It is easy to get rid of these unhealthy practices. You build your power and skills to incorporate healthy choices. You are pushed out of your comfort zone in a pleasant manner that you don’t feel any discomfort at all.

You make big savings

Overweight conditions lead to many incurable chronic diseases that may burn your pocket in the near future. Moreover, failure to understand your wellness needs forces you invest in expensive gadgets, devices, weight loss formulas and all. A wellness retreat can seem to be expensive in the first instance but given the future benefits of being able to prevent deadly ailments and costlier treatments, it is worth spending.

Continuous support and motivation

Making lifestyle changes and adhering to it is not easy. External motivation and support are needed often. When you are back to normal, you are likely to miss few workout sessions. Wellness retreats provide some important tools to keep you motivated. The camaraderie that you build with your trainers and guides helps you stay motivated in your health and wellness objectives even at home.








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