Thanksgiving & Weight Loss

We all love to overindulge on Thanksgiving, but have you ever considered how many calories you would need to work off to enjoy that additional serving of turkey or that piece of pumpkin pie?

Well, Thanksgiving doesn’t necessarily have to be a time when things aren’t going your way. You may prevent weight gain by exercising good judgement in the weeks preceding up to and on Thanksgiving.

Here are our weight-loss tips you can use this Thanksgiving!

Create new thanksgiving traditions:

Encourage your family to establish a new Thanksgiving custom, like working out before the main course. Tag games, rollerblading, and family bike rides are all enjoyable activities for kids. Your new ritual will help you remember to eat sensibly later in the day while also burning some calories. Alternatives to sofa time after meals or the substitution of harmful foods and beverages for healthier ones are two other possible new customs.

Eat a protein-packed breakfast:

Protein has a natural appetite-suppressing effect. Prepare a high-protein breakfast to help you control your hunger later in the day rather than missing it totally. Among the healthy options are spinach omelettes, hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese with fruit, and protein drinks.

Avoid alcohol:

We are aware that avoiding alcohol during the holidays is one of the last things anyone wants to hear. But dieters are aware that drinking alcohol can increase their daily calorie consumption by hundreds. If you must drink alcohol, choose healthier alternatives instead. Alternately, sip on a low-calorie classic called a vodka tonic.

Control your portions:

Know the correct portion sizes of different food options and if possible eat your Thanksgiving meal off a smaller plate. 

Eat slow & listen to your body:

Your body doesn’t release satiety hormones, which signal to the brain that we are full, until food enters the stomach and the intestines. Limit overeating by taking your time and paying attention to your needs. In between mouthful, put your fork down. Talk to someone to extend the time between bites. And as you start to feel somewhat full, stop eating. Consider your family and friends and not on the food.

Embrace fasting on thanksgiving:

Fasting is one of the oldest customs in the world, and people of various ethnicities and religions have engaged in it for ages. It makes sense because fasting has so many advantages, the most significant of which is that it will greatly accelerate your fat reduction.

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