Suffering from Sleep Disorders? Sleep retreats can help

Sleep retreats are growing worldwide with growing sleep disorders in the global population. The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has included circadian health (which includes a healthy sleep cycle) as one of the top wellness trends in 2020. Upsetting the normal circadian rhythm (or exposure to light/darkness cycle) results in poor sleep. Sleep-inducing apps and devices have generated a massive $432 billion sleep economy still we are struggling for restful sleep! Sleep holidays are emerging which implies spending few days in sleep retreats to reset our sleep cycle.

According to Australia’s Sleep Health Foundation, nearly 4 in 10 people experience irregular sleep. Blame it on the mounting stress, anxiety that creates erratic sleep patterns. The result is sleep deprivation, insomnia, untimely sleepiness whatever you call. We, human beings, have a tremendous capacity to manipulate sleep and that is taking a serious toll on our wellness.

People seldom count sound sleeping habits as a contributor to wellness and unhesitatingly shuffle between sleeping pills and pillows without realizing that these are short term solutions. ‘Sleep retreats’ crafted by hotels, resorts and spas are of great help to the sleep deprived folks. The study of sleep is a science by itself.  These retreats are run by trained professionals who take care of nutrition, physical activities, mental conditions and other underlying factors that are likely to affect the quality of sleep.

Few popular sleep retreats in the world witnessing appreciable bookings are:

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

One of the popular sleep retreats in the world – Six Senses Douro Valley. Its Yogic Sleep Program is a big hit, which is a mix of yoga, stretching exercises and pranayama (or breath work). Not just this, specific spa treatments are included to facilitate your much needed sound sleep. Your program takes off with maintaining a sleep journal where you note down your thoughts, a sort of mind decluttering exercise. Bookings are available for 3, 5, 7 and 10 night stays for the Sleep program. Additional tailor-made services available are different kinds of massages and consultations for specific spa treatments.

Six Senses, Thimphu, Bhutan

The country ranking top in the global happiness index and selected as the best country to visit in 2020 also offers one of the best sleep retreats in the world at its Six Senses resort. The 3-10 night sleep holiday programs incorporate Ayurvedic rituals and Singing Bowl meditation in its Yogic Sleep package to rejuvenate your mind and body and induce peaceful sleep.

The ambience is such your stress level drops. The program helps you enter a deeper state of relaxation with Yoga Nidra kriya and meditation. This is followed by other gentle yoga postures and customized spa treatments enabling you to enjoy a restful sleep at night.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Just beside the River Rhine bordering Liechtenstein, the Sleep Diagnostics Clinic has come up as a popular sleep holiday destination. Run by Dr. Mark Dappen since 2003, this sleep retreat takes a medical approach to treat sleep disorders and improve the quality sleep of its guests. The visitors need to go through specific lab tests, pulmonary function test, video sessions of polysomnography (study of sleep pattern) and many other procedures. The clinic emphasizes on assessing the root of sleep problems and plans sleep improvement programs unique to each client. The objective is to gradually improve the guest’s sleep quality on a long term basis.

Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

The recent addition of a Taoism-based treatment in the Sleep Enhancement program has established this resort as one of the sleep holiday destinations in the world.  Sleep retreats run for 5,7 and 9 nights where you can de-stress and build a healthier lifestyle that would prevent any sleep disturbances in the future. You can avail unique benefits of spa therapies in this luxury retreat namely Ayurveda, body analysis and acupuncture and tailor-made herbal therapies.

Shanti Maurice, Mauritius

The ‘Shanti’ sleep package, the signature retreat of Shanti Maurice helps you achieve the deep state of relaxation facilitating restorative sleep. You would be offered meditation sessions, Tibetan sound massage, yoga and magnesium sleep therapy so that you can get a relaxed and stress-free sleep forever.

Swissotel, Berlin, Germany

This retreat is much ahead of the curve where you can enjoy a blissful sleep holiday. The Deep Sleep package initiated in 2012 takes you through a sensorial sojourn to enhance your sleep.  A few of the striking features of this sleep retreat include a bright light session where guests are exposed to high-intensity illumination, aromatherapy with essential citrus oils and lemongrass and thin air breathing sessions where guests inhale specially generated air mimicking the fresh mountain air. This special breathing session lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation and sound sleep.

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    The author of this article explains why those who have trouble sleeping would profit from going to a sleep retreat. Briefly explaining what a sleep retreat is and what one can anticipate from attending one, the author sets the stage for the reader. The article goes on to describe the different therapies and activities that make up a typical sleep retreat program, such as yoga, meditation, sleep evaluations, and sleep hygiene instruction.


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