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Somatheeram – Ayurvedic Health Resort 45% Off ( 21 Nights)

Somatheeram – Ayurvedic Health Resort

Body Immunization Ayurveda Programme


Goals: Getting older and still not aging: With the Body Immunisation Package we come very close to this wish. The focus is on the knowledge of the Rasayanas. These are primarily rejuvenating remedies. The treatment leads to a transformation of the body tissue (dhatus) and counteracts negative influences.


Package Details: Our packages are all-round carefree offers. They include all treatments and medications as part of the treatment plan, ayurvedic full board, yoga, meditation and accommodation.

A healthy immune system is of vital importance for body and soul. The Body Immunisation Package strengthens your immune system.

Suitable For: Frequent Diseases | Allegies | Weakened Immnue System | Previous Exposure to Toxins | Digestive Disorders | Lack of Exercise

21 Nights Package (Longer durations available)

Course of the treatment:   

  • Initial Consultation
  • Cleansing Phase
  • Purgation
  • Rejuvenating Phase
  • Regeneration Phase
  • Final Consultation


  • 21 Nights Accommodation
  • Full Board (Personalized meals)
  • Private transfers
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