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Plastic Surgery Cost: Top 5 Countries

One of the procedures that individuals are having more and more is plastic surgery. If you’re considering on getting one, exploring your options in terms of your plastic surgery cost will help.

Many individuals aren’t happy with the way they look. So they choose cosmetic surgery to significantly alter their appearance. This leaves no scars or other outward signs that a section of their body was altered.

India, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea, and Turkey are currently the greatest nations in the world for plastic surgery. Let’s examine why people prefer these countries over others while having surgery.

Plastic Surgery Cost in India

One of the greatest places to have plastic surgery is in India. The finest option for improving your appearance without having to spend a lot of money is plastic surgery in India. There are around 5,000 active cosmetic surgeons in the nation. In addition to being industry professionals, plastic surgeons in India also claim accreditation from major national bodies.

The Medical Council of India certifies Indian plastic surgeons after they have through a rigorous training programme. When having plastic surgery, quality is crucial, which is why India is famous worldwide for its high standards.


Mexico has established itself as one of the top nations for qualified, well-known, and highly sought-after plastic surgeons. Nowadays, one of the most sought-after locations worldwide for any kind of cosmetic surgery operation is Mexico.

Additionally, plastic surgery in Mexico is frequently less expensive than similar procedures in the US and other nations. Patients can spend up to $5,000 on a medical holiday in Mexico. This includes a four- or five-day recuperation stay in a resort-like atmosphere.

South Korea 

Some of the top plastic surgeons in the world practise in South Korea. Here they stay on the cutting edge of medical and technological progress. By attending workshops, conferences, and other professional gatherings, plastic surgeons in Korea keep up with medical advances both domestically and internationally.

Healthcare institutions in South Korea have adopted new robotic technology. This aids in various cosmetic operations in an effort to achieve the ideal balance between the expectations of the patient and the technician.


Cosmetic surgery is well-known in Thailand due to the availability of high-quality packages at reasonable prices. Many top-rated hospitals in Thailand provide modern medical equipment and technology, such as operating rooms and recovery rooms, as well as exceptional patient satisfaction.

Thailand is well-known as a top destination for medical tourism because it provides high-quality, inexpensive treatment with outstanding facilities in cosmopolitan, easily accessible areas. People come here because they know they will receive the same level of treatment as they would at home, but at a cheaper cost.

Plastic Surgery Cost in Turkey

Turkey offers much more affordable plastic surgery than other nations. The cost of medical care in Turkish hospitals is 90% less than it would be in the USA or Western Europe.

Medical organisations such as the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the International Medical Association frequently inspect plastic surgery clinics and hospitals in Turkey. Inspections are done to make sure that surgeons have the required training and have passed a test before performing a procedure. On the TSAPS website, patients can also check the surgeon’s credentials.

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