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Eat What You Want: A New Way To Health

Let’s make ‘Eat What You Want Day’ the start of a healthy way of eating all year, one that frees you from diet constraints and guilt.

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“Eating whatever you want can help you eat better”, Most likely, hearing this advise to eat anything you want worries you. Many of us are afraid that if we eat anything we want, we may wind up consuming only chips and sweets. Alternatively, bread with ice cream. Alternatively, spaghetti with French fries. Or whatever foods you enjoy but have been informed by dieticians are off-limits if you want to lose weight.

The trouble is, it is precisely the type of advise that encourages you to acquire weight! Depriving ourselves of our favorite meals makes us crave them even more. And when we do succumb and consume them (which is unavoidable), we tend to overeat. That’s where mindful eating comes in, since it helps you make wise decisions.

Mindful eating is about being aware of your food requirements and addressing them in a way that actually satisfies you both in the time and after you stop eating. It assists you in making decisions that feel good now and in the future.It enables you to eat anything you want in a way that makes you feel good.

Assume you’re at a birthday celebration and the cake is being served. When you’re a conscious eater, you think about whether you truly want the cake.

So, are you ready to start eating mindfully? To get you started, here are three steps:

1. Eat When You Are Hungry.

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You have a built-in signaling system that may inform you not just when to eat, but also what and how much to consume. The difficulty is that trying to stick to diet restrictions disables that mechanism because we reject the messages it provides us. Instead, we pay attention to what other people say about what and how much we should consume.

So, before you start eating, consider whether you are hungry. Symptoms include a growling stomach, sensations of emptiness, or just starting to think about food when you were previously absorbed in what you were doing. Regular meals and snacks are also beneficial to many people. We might become too hungry if we miss meals or wait too long between them. This is a trap to over-eat.

We all eat even when we aren’t hungry. That’s OK since food plays numerous roles in our life, such as the birthday cake at a celebration. However, for optimal health, make hunger your primary cue to eat.

Throughout the day, aim for a variety of foods that contain protein, fat, and carbs. These nutrients aid in the regulation of your hunger hormones.

2. Eat What You Want. 

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If you don’t, you’ll most likely be on the lookout for food. Feelings of deprivation might make us hungry even when we aren’t hungry. When you initially start eating whatever you want, it may appear like all you desire are the more expensive options. As a result, eating them as part of a bigger meal or snack might be beneficial.

3. Eat Until You’ve Had Enough.

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This one may be more terrifying than the notion of what you consume. However, quitting before we’ve had enough might leave us wanting more. It’s a different kind of deprivation. If you’re used to eating until you’re stuffed, try utilizing the hunger scale. Recognize that everyone overeats at times. We just don’t want to make it a habit. 

Eating is one of life’s greatest joys. And enjoyment is excellent medicine. The idea is to eat in a way that feels wonderful both in the moment and thereafter.

So, on this Eat What You Want Day, we urge you to eat some of your favorite foods thoughtfully. Enjoy each taste without worrying about calories, fat, or any other diet guidelines that may have been implanted in your mind. Because when you eat consciously and without guilt, you may discover that you don’t desire as much as you thought you wanted.

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