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Chapped Lips? Here Are 7 Tips To Recovery

Many of us have at some point dealt with the irritating and ugly issue of chapped lips. We may feel self-conscious and in need of prompt relief when we have chapped lips, whether they are brought on by cold weather, dry air, or over-licking. 

Fortunately, there are a number of efficient techniques to moisturize your lips again and encourage healing. In this post, we’ll look at seven key suggestions for recovering from chapped lips and regaining their smoothness and softness.

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#1 Use A Non-Irritating Lip Balm

It’s typical for people to assume incorrectly that discomfort experienced when using lip care products—such as burning, stinging, or tingling—means the active ingredients are doing their job. This is a false impression, though. In actuality, these feelings are frequently an indication of irritation and can make chapped lips worse. 

It’s important to be aware of this and stop using any products that make you feel thus uncomfortable. Instead, use calming lip care solutions that hydrate and nourish your lips without aggravating them more. 

Look for natural components with moisturizing qualities that can assist to repair the sensitive skin of your lips, such as beeswax, shea butter, or plant oils. You may reduce discomfort by selecting products that focus on gentle care rather than adding to it.

Ingredients To Avoid If You Have Chapped Lips: 

  • Camphor 
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Fragrance
  • Oxybenzone, or Octinoxate
  • The phenol (or phenyl)  
  • Propyl gallate 
  • Salicylic acid
  • Lanolin 
  • Menthol 

Lips that are dry and chapped may find flavours of cinnamon, citrus, mint, and peppermint to be particularly irritating.

Healing Ingredients For Chapped Lips:

  • Castor seed oil
  • Ceramides
  • Dimethicone
  • CBD seed oil
  • Crude oil 
  • Petrolatum
  • Herbal/Shea butter
  • Ingredients that block the UV rays, such zinc oxide or titanium oxide
  • Petroleum jelly like plain Vaseline 

Utilising hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products is also beneficial.

#2 Before Going Outside, Apply Sunscreen With At Least SPF 30. 

Sun protection for your lips is crucial, even in the winter. Cold sores may develop on lips that are dry and chapped because the sun may burn them more easily. Use lip balm with SPF 30 or higher and one (or both) of these sun-protective components to shield dry, chapped lips from the sun:

  • Aluminium oxide
  • Iron oxide
  • Apply the lip balm every two hours while you’re outside.
girl applying lip balm to chapped lips

#3 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Since chapped lips are primarily a symptom of dryness, keeping adequate hydration is crucial. The key to avoiding and healing chapped lips is to stay hydrated. Your body replenishes moisture levels when you are properly hydrated, and this includes the sensitive skin on your lips. 

Make sure you consume enough water throughout the day to hydrate your body from the inside out. Your lips receive a reflection of this interior moisture, which aids in preventing dryness and fostering better lip health. 

Additionally, to benefit your lips, think about utilizing a humidifier in dry areas or during the winter months to bring moisture to the air. Prioritizing hydration and ensuring that your body receives adequate amounts of water will help you avoid and lessen the agony of chapped lips, enabling them to heal.

#4 Stop Licking, Biting, And Picking At Your Chapped Lips

It’s a natural tendency to lick your lips to moisten them when they feel dry. But this seemingly benign activity can potentially make things worse. Your lips lose their natural moisture when saliva evaporates, making them even dry than before. The continual cycle of soaking and evaporation might worsen the dryness and cause severe dehydration. 

Furthermore, pinching or biting your lips might irritate them and prevent them from healing. Your lips may become more prone to dryness and cracking as a result of the little rips it may cause in the sensitive skin. 

It’s essential to repress the impulse to lick or pick at your lips in order to encourage healing and prevent further suffering. Use a moisturizing lip balm to give moisture and provide a protective barrier as an alternative. 

#5 Don’t Hold Metal Objects With Your Lips.

Your lips may get irritated by paperclips, jewelry, and other commonplace metal items.

girl exfoliating her chapped lips with a  lip scrub

#6 Gently Exfoliate Your Chapped Lips 

To gently exfoliate your lips and encourage the creation of new, healthy skin, use a soft toothbrush or a lip scrub. Exfoliating too vigorously will further harm your sensitive lips, so be cautious.

#7 Invest In A Humidifier 

If you breathe through your mouth at night, a humidifier in your bedroom might be extremely beneficial.

Don’t let chapped lips dampen your mood or confidence. By following these seven essential tips, you can effectively recover from chapped lips and restore their softness and smoothness. Remember to hydrate, protect, and nourish your lips with the right products and practices. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy luscious, healthy lips all year round.

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