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Cancer Survivor: Life After Cancer

Like so many other stressful or life-changing events, cancer can really stay with a person. A cancer survivor may experience a wave of emotions towards the end of therapy. This can make it challenging to return to regular life. Even after receiving a clear diagnosis, learning how to detect and manage a cancer diagnosis can be a challenge that lasts for years.

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From the moment of diagnosis forward, a person is referred to as a “cancer survivor.” The word “survivor” connotes strength and positivity to many individuals. Others do not like labels and would rather look ahead to a day where cancer is not the main concern. As soon as you receive a cancer diagnosis, when active treatment is over, or when the body shows no more indications of the disease, you may consider yourself a survivor. Or you could have trouble empathising with the term “survivor.” Instead, you can consider yourself a cancer survivor or cancer patient.

According to research, learning what to anticipate after completing primary cancer treatment might help you get ready for life after cancer. The survival phase is recognised as this. After primary cancer treatment is over, survivorship care attempts to maintain your mental and physical health. This could involve support for managing adverse effects of therapy and continuing a healthy lifestyle following treatment.

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However, overcoming cancer can result in a range of complicated feelings, including happiness and relief, fear and worry, and a sensation of being cut off from those around you. Although all of this is typical, it could still be challenging to comprehend.

So how can you reconcile your old self with the new and readjust to everyday life? Here are some strategies that may help: 

Put your new perspective to work: 

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Cancer may be so depressing that it can make everything else seem insignificant. Although it may seem strange, you can really benefit from that style of thinking.

Find your new normal as a cancer survivor:

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You might anticipate that after therapy is through, things will soon get back to normal. Alternately, you may view the diagnosis as a chance to improve your life. Cancer survivors frequently develop a new way of life over time. Finding a new normal is the term used to describe this process, which might take months or even years.

Acknowledge your uncertainties: 

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The fact that your cancer has been cured or is in remission might make you feel ecstatic. You can start to worry about whether it might return at the same time. When that happens, consider refocusing your energies on a constructive endeavour. Even though you might not be able to prevent your cancer from returning, you can take care of your body today by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Talk to people who understand what it means to be a cancer survivor:

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Consider joining a cancer survivorship support group. Speaking with other former patients can make you feel understood, and those who have traveled further may provide practical tips for handling your emotions.

Find a way to celebrate: 

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It is worthwhile to give yourself a reward at the conclusion of your difficult journey to battle cancer. Consider what you’ve wanted to accomplish but haven’t been able to because of your disease or treatment. It can involve going on a vacation to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, hosting a potluck meal for family and friends, getting a tattoo, or investing in some new jewelry.

Give yourself time:

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After your treatment is over, the initial days and weeks may feel foggy. After therapy is through, it may take a year for everything to kind of settle in. “Don’t feel obligated to go back into daily life immediately.” You could have fantasized about the day when taking care of cancer wasn’t your main concern, but you might not feel ready to resume your previous activities before your diagnosis. Give yourself time to acclimate.

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