Breast Self-Exam: Breast Cancer

Although breast cancer cannot often be avoided, there are three crucial actions you may take. This will aid in its earlier detection. If you use our 3 Steps to Early Detection, your chances of identifying breast cancer early on are higher.

Once every month

All adult women are advised to conduct breast self-exams at least once per month. According to a US medical facility, 40% of breast cancer cases are discovered by women who feel a lump. Therefore, developing a routine for breast self-examination is crucial.

Breast self-examinations help you become familiar with how your breasts feel and appear. This helps in notifying your healthcare provider if there are any changes. Mammograms can help you find cancer before you feel a lump.

How Should You Do A Breast Self-Examination?

1) When showering

Check the whole breast and armpit area by pushing down with mild, medium, and hard pressure. Do this using the pads/flats of your three middle fingers. Every month, feel both breasts for any lumps, thickening, knotting that has become rigid, or other breast changes.

2) Before a mirror.

With your arms on your sides, look over your breasts. Then, extend your arms far over your head.

Keep an eye out for any changes to the nipple’s shape. Take a note of any skin swelling or dimpling, or any changes to the contour. Then, squeeze strongly to contract your chest muscles while placing your palms on your hips. Few women have perfectly symmetrical bosoms from left to right. So watch for any dimpling, puckering, or alterations, especially on one side.

3) Laying Flat

The tissue lines the chest wall equally while one is lying down. Your right shoulder should be supported by a cushion, as should your right arm behind your head. Using the pads of your fingers on your left hand, move to gently cover the entire right breast area and armpit.

Use light, moderate, and firm pressure. Squeeze the nipple and feel for lumps and discharge. Repeat these procedures on the left side.

Have Your Breasts Lately Undergone Changes?

Many cancer signs are undetectable without a professional test, but some can be identified early with just a little bit of proactive breast health care. If you suspect an issue, don’t hesitate to obtain a mammogram by calling us at +91 7049798938 or sending an email to

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