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Begin search for the best medical treatments/surgery/doctor/hospital/wellness retreat/medical spa from the comfort of your home through Travocure Care

Online Diagnosis
Travocure Care gathers all your medical records for review and diagnosis by our healthcare providers who will then provide a suitable line of treatment.

Treatment Cost
Discuss diagnosis and potential treatment plan options from a list of surgeons and curated providers who we have negotiated reduced prices on healthcare & medical services. Price quotes are provided to assist in making a final decision for the desired surgery or procedure. We also consider insurance.

Travel Planning
Leave the trip planning to the Travocure family – We will manage everything right from medical visa, flights, accommodation options, and transportation to tour planning.

Hospitality on Arrival
Airport transfers, private transfers and language translator services can be availed to make your medical stay convenient and comfortable.

Experienced and skilful healthcare providers will guide you towards your recovery in a relaxed environment. You will have continued assistance in terms of interpreters and travel support as required.

Post-operative recovery at Ayurveda/wellness retreats, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are also arranged for a smooth healing process. Avail accommodation options within close proximity to the hospital in case of follow up appointments.

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Stay connected through periodic follow ups and our telemedicine services even after you are back home.