Travocure FAQ

Travocure with international branches and strong networking with world-class medical facilities in different regions of the world will provide you the best start-to-end support and services for any treatment that you need. On top of that, we also help you with wellness travel packages after your treatment is over.

Yes. You can. Destination selection needs serious consideration depending on the patient’s condition. Our customer care executive will check all your requirements and provide a list of destinations where your needs can be met satisfactorily. You can make your choice.

Yes. Healthcare costs in India are much cheaper than those of other medical tourism destinations. This is because the general cost of living in India is low. Labour cost is cheaper as well. Moreover, the Indian Government has released a slew of measures where every person has access to quality healthcare services and facilities irrespective of his/her social standing. Considering the economy of scale, the healthcare costs here continue to be cheaper than in other countries.

The affordability factor is a big driver of medical tourism but that does not mean it will be through quality compromise.  We, at Travocure, assure you the best quality treatment at a reduced cost. Even the costs are low, hospitals and clinics in India and other reputed destinations need to maintain specific quality parameters that are at par with the most advanced healthcare systems in the world. This is evident through their accreditation level.

Yes, reputed medical facilities attending international patients hire the best-skilled physicians, surgeons and specialists. The majority of these specialists have received education and training in the reputed medical schools of the US and UK and have an incredible track record. They keep abreast of the latest advancements in global healthcare. Some of them are regular visitors to different medical facilities all over the world to offer their expert services.

Yes.  We have our medical team to assess your case who will guide you about the required treatments. They will also shortlist popular healthcare facilities offering that particular treatment in India and other countries (of your choice) from which you can make your choice.

Many countries with a rich tradition of wellness treatments and services are promoting exclusive services where India is at the forefront. Traditional wellness treatments have been evolving keeping pace with modernization and customers’ preferences. Based on your demands and requirements, you can avail a comprehensive range of wellness treatments in spas, resorts, hotels and other facilities of your choice in India or any other country.

We provide visa assistance services to all medical tourists through our offices located in different countries. You just need to share the required documents with us and pay the fees. We will take care of the rest.

Sure. We always recommend that somebody should accompany a patient while he/she is travelling abroad for treatment. We provide similar arrangements for those accompanying a patient including procuring the required visa.

Sure. As a medical tourism company, it is our job to ensure that you get the best information to make an informed decision before travel. You will get the benefit of taking a second opinion. We will make the required arrangements for you to speak to a physician/specialist for better clarity on your treatment.

You will need to provide every document narrating your past and present medical conditions. It should contain the list of medications that you are taking and since when. All the latest diagnostic test reports should be provided as well. If required, our medical experts may suggest a few tests for better diagnosis and guidance.

In that case, we would request you to share your symptoms and past medical history. We will coordinate with our medical experts for the necessary guidance.

Yes. Our executive will be in touch with you after providing you with the travel itinerary. You will be informed of the person with his contact number who will be receiving you at the airport.

Yes, if required. We are well-connected with expert translators and language assistants experienced in handling medical tourists from different countries. We will provide the required language support to make you feel at home in a distant land.

Yes. We have that flexibility but we would strongly recommend sticking to your schedule unless there is a dire necessity of alteration. Should you need to prepone/postpone your travel schedule, do let us know the next possible date of your travel. We will put our best efforts to accommodate your dates.

We would be happy to make arrangements for your post-treatment holiday. You need to let us know your preferred sites of travel. You will be provided a list of tourism sites of the destination beforehand. Our travel experts will consult you and create a tailor-made holiday package taking due care of your health condition. You may need to get the doctor’s clearance for travelling to a certain place or taking part in holidaying activities.

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